residency with Marit Mihklepp

Throughout a week, we occupied a giant studio space, where by doing self-made exercises on and with each-other, the room, simple household objects and occasional guest bodies, we started gathering an alternative theoretical framework for our individual and mutual practice, as makers working with transforming the everyday and the domestic.

The exercises involved, amongst others:
- Being followed in a room for an hour, without wanting to be noticed
- Counting to ten with eyes closed, and having to blindly guess where the other person has moved to inside the room
- Changing between lying-sitting-standing in the slowest possible speed
- Arranging relationships between objects like fold chairs, bowls, cutlery and plastic bags
- Walking towards, away, or together with someone in the space, stopping and moving at once, not losing eye contact

We set out with no preconception of the outcome of the week, other than trying to experiment as much as possible. 
We went blank, working of a theoretical Tabula Rasa and use only the experiences of the week and nothing else as a basis for a pool of knowledge and set of tools to be used in works to come.