Katalin - a Transformation Game for an audio archive


Katalin is a Transformation Game for a small number of players, a darkened room and an audio cassette archive.

Katalin Juhász passed away on December the 26th 2015 at the age of seventy-two. A loner and old maid her entire life, she left behind 3 boxes containing a startling number of catalogued audio cassettes containing private conversations, field and ambience recordings and collages of stray sounds. 'Katalin' is the first experiment to explore this remarkable, real-life archive.
'Katalin' is a shared experience of deep listening and deep responding. We will be guided through different playful exercises in imagination and attention; exploring and engaging with the sounds past, in order to re-imagine and transform the present.

Play Katalin:
Saturday April the 13th 14.00-18.30 at Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam
Limited to 15 players, please sign up in advance!
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