Chapter I.

Introduction to the Research Publication

  participants playing ' Inside Looking Out' , a Transformation Game by Áron Birtalan - 2016, The Hague, NL

participants playing 'Inside Looking Out', a Transformation Game by Áron Birtalan - 2016, The Hague, NL


This Publication is the result of an intense three-year research process, involving countless experiments, hundreds of testimonials from participants, about a thousand pages of writing, and numerous insights that I have experienced first-hand, though never expected to do. 

I spent the past year distilling all that made it into this Publication. With it, I want to use this moment to stop and reflect on the path taken so far in a journey that I can easily imagine myself continuing for years and years to come. 

The Publication also marks the limits of what can I truly pass on from what I and the participants I worked with have learned and experienced, hence the title 'I Want You to Understand, but I Only Have Words and Images'. The limits of understanding and intelligibility have been something I struggled with since day one. With this Publication, I'd like to turn this struggle into an asset, to use it as a compass that will eventually help me navigate through the future developments of my practice, rather than an anchor that'd weigh me down. For this, new ways of understanding and intelligibility need to be introduced, ones that facilitate a communion with what is at hand. Without them, what is left would truly be only words and images.

Hope you enjoy reading these chapters as much as I enjoyed making them. 

- Amsterdam, 2018