Plans for ARW and Beyond


For the Artistic Research Week I'd like to propose the following:

  • A print version of this Publication, meant to act as a proposal booklet for 'What is Within?', produced in collaboration with graphic designer by Márton Kabai. Above you can see a catalog Kabai made for me last year. Furthermore, an independent online edition is the making, which (as well as the print version) is scheduled to go through a native English editor before getting published.
  • A lecture-experience (during the slot given for talks), as a launch of the booklet and the proposal outlined above.
  • A 20-minute, guided Transformation Game serving both as an independent experience, as well as an 'experiential abstract' of my practice. This experience is to be introduced and tested during Exam 4.

This publication is meant to be a proposal for What is Within?, a project that I'd like to devote the next two years to. I hope to get into contact with funds (including the Mondriaan Funds' Emerging Artist Subsidy, to which I am applying for after graduation), educational institutes, and production and publishing houses to facilitate the research and realisation of my plans. 

I am comfortable with mastering the practice to make Transformation Games, so the next logical step would be for me to learn and establish a language for communicating, reflecting and passing on my experience - and most importantly, to see what we can do together

More on this to be covered during the presentation of Exam 4.