between The Artist and The Curious Stranger


So what are you doing exactly?
I make game-like experiences, where participants of the game get together to play out (and often even create) a fictional scenario, or a world, that exists for a specific place and for a specific length of time only.

Do you have a shorter name for it?
Yeah, Transformation Games.

Who is this for?
Everyone, since no-one is ill-fit to play.

What happens in your work?
Imagined, and thus highly subjective and unrepeatable situations arise. Either on an individual, or on a collective level. The role of the work is to help these situations take shape in reality.

What else?
Throughout the game, participants create, experience and learn alternative ways of thinking and interacting. Participants are defined by more and more effective problem-solving skills, stronger empathy, and the acknowledgement and acquirement of different perspectives.

And how?
Elements of performing arts, rituals, role-playing are incorporated into everyday settings, thus interacting with it, and transforming it's reality. 

Could you elaborate on these elements?
Sure, click here!

Where does this come from? 
The main methods and ideology behind my practice comes from a long-going research in rituals, my experience as a musician, and most importantly from a Hungarian tradition of role-playing and alternative education.

Sounds a lot like Interactive Theatre / Performance Art / Psychodrama / Role-Playing (LARP) / Experimental Therapy / Ayahuasca Ceremonies, etc...
Are you somehow connected with these?

Yes and no. I'll have a link here in a little, to elaborate on it. 

But in short, I'd say that what Transformation Games and the disciplines mentioned above have in common, is their shared root in rites of passage. In my understanding, they all stem from the same communal practices, that make the acts of magic, playing and performance mingle.

The other link is the process in which these disciplines are constructed, which is Experience Design.

Is there an audience in your work?
Yes and no. The participants themselves are the audience of, the creators of, the performers of, and the medium of the work. There is no division between active and passive roles, everyone takes part in everything, at once.

Wait, so then what do You do?
I provide the framework, the guidance and the support that this experience can become something powerful, yet still safe to undergo.

Speaking of safe, isn't this whole thing dangerous to do?
No, not really. Especially compared to other social situations in life, like going to school, being employed at a company or having a dinner with the family. here, since we are only playing, we can try seemingly dangerous situations, while taking care of one another. This is not Stanford, or Milgram. Nothing is compulsory and you can opt out any time, without any consequence.

But still, isn't this sort of manipulative what you do?
Yes it is. sometimes I want you to experience strong moments, and for that, I need to manipulate you into it. What I can do is to tell you in advance that i'm about to do that, and if there are some sensitive parts that you should consider if you are up for doing. Anyways, I need your collaboration in order for the thing to work, so It's in my every interest to be transparent with you.

Okay okay, But how should i really imagine this?
Without exception, all of my works operate through playing, usually in the form of a game. In these games participants create and calibrate their own experiences. The frame of the game is there to provide the necessary tools, rules and environment for this experience to happen. Most often there is a workshop before and some talking after the game to make it whole. 

The games bear kinship with things like excursions, family dinners, parties, summer camps, seances, weddings, funerals, national festivities and many more. 

For a more extensive F.A.Q. on what to expect, click here!

Are there others doing this kind of stuff? Do you work with them?
Yes and yes! Click here for some.

Alright, where do i go from here? 
To my Portfolio, this way!