video documentation of Patience 2016


Card Game for Single Player, 2016

Patience is an experimental storytelling game that uses the framework of single-player card games and fortune-telling traditions to create a chain of mental events with intense variations each time the game is played. Produced in Collaboration with the EYE Film Institute and the Netherlands Film Academy. Premiered at Archive as a Place To Play, EYE, May 2016.

Áron Birtalan’s Patience (a game) is an ingenious work that reconceptualises historical images as a card game, evoking materiality and tactility from a wholly different vantage point. Quietly contemplative, it takes the form of a deck of card constructed using images from the archive that invite thought-provoking personal connection. A series of instructions – crisply enunciated over the headphones – uses images of the past to style possibilities for the futures.
The work demands that the spectator surrender to the narrative unfolding from the random spread of cards. The work creates a clairvoyant experience – a vision of the future evoked through one’s own personal associations, forming a narrative structure. The audio track guides the placement and associative connections required of the spectator, but the absence of any interaction, save for the instructions delivered by this disembodied voice, ensure that the spectator’s experience becomes constructively meditative.

Thanks to Márton Kabai, Lilita Dunska, Jyotti