Research dossier
Semester 3

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Hello and welcome,

In the following menu points you will find access to the materials required for Exam 3 of the Master Film program. 
Please go through them in consecutive order, and if you have any questions, mail me at: aron.birtalan @ gmail . com

Material 1
A fictional conversation between the artist and the curious stranger.

This material is meant to fulfil point no.2 in the exam requirements, namely the 'Contextualisation of your work in progress in relation to your background'. It is advisable to start off with this one, since it is made not only to answer some questions that might arise upon reading the rest of the materials, but to introduce the reader to the discipline and tools the artist works with.

Material 2
Five Reflections on Intention, Invitation, Situation, _______, and Revolution

A collection of five, short writings on the key concepts that the artist has tackled throughout the last couple of months. 
Some writings are presented in conjunction with a short video, that not only illustrates, but also expands on what is being said.
The purpose of these materials is to fulfil point no.1 in the exam requirements, which is:

  • A - an Update of the ‘project and research dossier’
  • B - to provide 'Preliminary results of your project and your research' (eg. evidence)

Follows a chronological path, meant to be read in a consecutive order.

APPENDIXes, additions and fragments

A very brief and clear calendar-like overview of what happened in the past five months, and what will hopefully happen in the following seven.

A list of people and organisation is have been in correspondence and/or collaboration with recently.

Some of the tools, techniques, and tricks used in my works. 

Some of the guiding principles behind my practice.

A collection of pictures to relax and put some last bits into perspective. Meant as relaxation exercise after generously chewing through all the material linked above.