PRO Invest 2017


Here you can find the online version of the application documents (including the application form, proposal, CV and budget. for the STROOM PRO Invest grant October 2017, and the online version of the portfolio requested.




SEE is a short, guided Transformation Game for large number of participants. In the game you are given a role and a task, which both help you to formulate an experience for yourself and for the others you encounter in the game. Premiered at Come Together #3 at Frascati, Amsterdam.


inside looking out

Guided imagination ritual for even-numbered participants.



'Patience’ is an experimental storytelling game that uses the framework of single player card games such as Solitaire. Further drawing from traditions in various forms of Cartomancy (card-based divination) as a way to create a chain of events – this work is inspired by an invitation to explore combinations and variations as each game is played.